• Andrea Fox

My Approach to Family Law Cases

I wanted to get personal for a second, which is a departure from my normal blog posts. I want to tell you about my approach to family law cases. As a montana family law attorney practicing nearly 9 years, I have handled hundreds of montana divorce and child custody cases. That breadth of experience has allowed me to tailor my practice around several core principles:

1. Limited caseload - I have made it a core principle to limit my caseload so I can provide optimal attention to each one of my clients. I aim to return contact from clients within 1 business day, if not sooner. And if you send me an email or call me, 98% of the time you get a response from me, not from my (lovely, amazing) staff.

2. Client-centered - This is your life, your family, your family law case. I will give my absolute best legal advice. But at the end of the day you have to be able to sleep with the results of your choices in relation to your case. I take a client-centered approach by giving you all the information that you need, and then proceeding in whichever direction YOU decide.

3. Child-centered - I am a mom first and foremost. There is nothing more important than children and family. That is why if your case involves children, we focus first on the children, what they need, and how we will get there.

4. Efficient - Your family law situation is difficult and emotional, and it does NOT need to drag on forever. That is why I aim for optimal efficiency. I move your case along at the top speed that I can. Do we still get slowed down by the other party, the court, or outside factors? Yes. But I will not be the one slowing anything down.

If you feel that these core principles align with what you are looking for in a Kalispell family law attorney, please get in touch with me to set up a consultation (I do a 30 minute phone consultation for $75). 406 204 0757

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