• Andrea Fox

Interim Parenting Plans

If you are getting a divorce in Montana, or pursuing a parenting plan in Montana, you might want to consider an interim parenting plan.

Interim parenting plans are useful if you and your ex are not getting along, or if are there certain provisions regarding parenting that you want to be ordered by a court.

It can take a while to get an interim parenting plan in place, so it is best to pursue it from the very beginning of your divorce or parenting action if you wish to have one.

Also, if you want an interim parenting plan there are some rules you need to follow, delineated in the statute.

You can pursue an interim parenting plan on your own, or with the help of a Kalispell family law lawyer. Either way, it can be a great thing to have in place for the stability of your children, and your peace of mind.

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