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Back to School

In this time of pandemics, the phrase "back to school" brings more anxiety than usual. However, divorces can pose a whole other basket of issues with back-to-school times.

Oftentimes, a parenting plan will have a different schedule for summer vs. school year. So, oftentimes, when it is time for school to begin again, it is a time for big parenting changes too. This can pose issues for the children, and it can also cause conflict between the parties.

A few simple things can ease the transition to back to school:

1) Review your parenting plan for what the schedule will be in the fall, just to remind yourself. Take a look at holidays, and how your plan handles attendance at your child's activities. Reminding yourself about what is in writing can ease anxiety about what is to come.

2) COMMUNICATE. In order to be on the same page regarding the parenting plan and back-to-school transition, you need to communicate with your ex. I know that can be difficult. However, it is best to keep communication simple, neutral, clear, and in writing. If your ex responds inappropriately, don't take the bait. A good example of what you can say is, "My parenting time begins with Joey on Monday, so I will pick him up at 3 p.m. from school and drop him back to you the following Sunday at 7 p.m. at your home." (if that is what is in your parenting plan)

3) Make sure your parenting plan is in order. If you have an old or outdated plan, address it the previous year or in the spring to make any necessary changes. Speaking to a Kalispell divorce lawyer can help get you started with any changes. You need a parenting plan that suits the growing and changing needs of your child or children.

Back to school is stressful this year, but the parenting plan piece of the puzzle doesn't have to be stressful. If you have questions about your parenting plan and back-to-school, call Andrea Fox, a Kalispell divorce attorney, today! Schedule a 30-minute consultation ($75) and get all of your questions answered from home.

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