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Representing Yourself in Court

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

There is a middle ground between representing yourself in Court (which is referred to as being "Pro Se") and hiring an attorney to fully represent you in Court (which is referred to as "full representation"). Here are two great options:

1. Limited Scope Representation (aka "LSR") is when a lawyer agrees that they will handle some parts of your case and you will handle others. This is different from more traditional arrangements between lawyers and clients where a lawyer is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of a case, from start to finish. For instance, an attorney could draft some paperwork for you, while you draft the rest. Or, an attorney could represent you at a single hearing, while you do your own paperwork. You and the attorney can decide the scope of the attorney's representation. The attorney will likely still require a retainer for the LSR services, but it is usually much less than what is required for full representation.

2. DIYDIVORCENOW.COM - This is a set of services that that gives you options for attorney help on a flat-fee basis. These services are offered for all family law cases (not just divorce), and span from attorney document review to 30 days of unlimited attorney support via email. Various packages are offered to lump services together for a discount. It's a good option for people who want to do things themselves, but want a little bit of extra support from an attorney.

Whether your goal is to save money, or just to handle matters yourself, there are a number of ways to represent yourself, in whole or in part, with support from an attorney. Schedule a consultation to talk about your options!

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